Welcome to the October 2018 issue of Brainstorm

Brainstorm, a special edition of YFile publishing on the first Friday of every month, showcases research and innovation at York University. It offers compelling and accessible feature-length stories about the world-leading and policy-relevant work of York’s academics and researchers across all disciplines and Faculties, and encompasses both pure and applied research.

In the October 2018 issue

Biologist finds hardy plant species could help desert regrowth after damage
Researchers confirm that the E. californica plant could help regrowth and resilience in California deserts. This major ecological finding, dubbed the “Groot effect” after an equally resilient Marvel comic book character, could have global application. Click here to read the full story.

Study suggests supplements could improve cancer treatment in obese patients
New research finds that, due to the link between obesity and the risk of cancer, supplements could assist in the treatment of breast cancer in obese, postmenopausal patients. These findings could shed light on treatments for other cancers as well. Click here to read the full story.

Law professor considers real ‘win’ of high-stakes Métis court case
In an articulate commentary, Professor Signa A. Daum Shanks ruminates on the modern plight of Indigenous Peoples and the rule of law, in light of a key 2016 court case about Métis status. Although the ruling is considered a “win,” it raises more questions than it answers. Click here to read the full story.

Ecological partnership further establishes York U as global leader
The Ecological Footprint project created databases to provide essential information about demand for resources and biocapacity. In 2019, York researchers will team up with the Global Footprint Network to inform future policy in many countries. Click here to read the full story.

Hate crime book says legal, policy deliberation is microcosm for larger debate 
A new publication makes a unique contribution to hate crime scholarship in Canada. It considers how we establish laws and policies around such crime, and argues that this debate is a reflection of the discussion (and anxiety) in larger Canadian society. Click here to read the full story.

Launched in January 2017, Brainstorm is produced out of the Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation in partnership with Communications and Public Affairs; overseen by Megan Mueller, manager, research communications; and edited by Jenny Pitt-Clark, YFile editor.