Psychology Clinic workshop on memory and aging begins Sept. 24

Hands of older adults, one with a ball

The York University Psychology Clinic will offer a 10-week educational workshop series focused on memory and aging.

Developed and evaluated by Baycrest, a renowned academic health science centre focused on aging, the program is designed to assist older adults who are interested in learning about memory changes that normally occur with age. It will also provide strategies to improve everyday memory performance.

The Memory and Aging Program is ideal for those concerned about their memory or the memory of a loved one, curious about what memory changes are normal and which ones are not, or looking for strategies that can improve memory.

Topics covered include:

  • changes in memory that normally occur with age;
  • the effect of medical and lifestyle factors on memory;
  • the effect of stress and relaxation on memory;
  • how to minimize age-related changes; and
  • strategies for improving memory function.

Outcome research done by Baycrest on this program has found that by the end of the program, participants more than double their relevant knowledge base, 70 per cent make healthy lifestyle changes and 93 per cent indicate that they would recommend the program to their peers. In addition, about half of these healthy individuals report they are less likely to pursue medical assessment of their memory.

The program runs Mondays and Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m., beginning Sept. 24 and ending Oct. 31.

The workshop will take place in Room 102A, Behavioural Science Building, and will be facilitated by Jenkin Mok (MA) and Sara Pishdadian (MA) under the supervision of Jill Rich.

The fee to participate is $120.

The program accepts 14 registrants, so register early. For additional information, email