Welcome to Brainstorm for September 2018

Brainstorm, a special edition of YFile publishing on the first Friday of every month, showcases research and innovation at York University. It offers compelling and accessible feature-length stories about the world-leading and policy-relevant work of York’s academics and researchers across all disciplines and Faculties, and encompasses both pure and applied research.

In the September 2018 issue

Want to improve health outcomes of older adults in hospital? Ask a nurse
Researchers conduct focus groups with nurses on how to prevent the decline of hospitalized older people. They discover some communication strategies that will be of interest to hospital administrators and health-care practitioners.

Haunting and evocative project examines wartime childhood trauma
A York University education professor contributes to one-of-a-kind hub: the Museum of Dreams. Her work, “A Child is Dreaming,” illustrates how superbly crafted prose, with images, work as a cohesive whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts, and that holds within it tremendous potency.

Good for patients, good for health-care system: A better way to schedule
York-led research determines a better approach to scheduling that leads to improved profits, higher practitioner utilization and decreased wait times. Practitioners, policy-makers and hospital administrators will be interested in this highly applicable research.

Research on gender pay gap could guide policy-makers’ equity goals
A new study looks at pay equity and marginalized women, interviews 23 women and shines a light on lived experiences, adding a new and original dimension to this field of study. This new information could be used to help equity become a reality for working women.

Visionary project leverages theatre to raise climate change awareness
Last fall, one of the most respected voices on sustainability in the performing arts organized a series of worldwide readings and performances – 50 plays about climate change – to support a UN conference. That was just the beginning.

Launched in January 2017, Brainstorm is produced out of the Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation in partnership with Communications and Public Affairs; overseen by Megan Mueller, manager, research communications; and edited by Jenny Pitt-Clark, YFile editor.