Biology Prof. Alex Mills authors ‘Biology of Sex’ book for non-science students

Biology Professor Alex Mills in the Faculty of Science at York University has authored the new book Biology of Sex (University of Toronto Press), which analyzes the biological basis of sex by considering genetic, physiological and evolutionary principles.

Biology of Sex

Alex Mills
Alex Mills

Biology of Sex is the first book of its kind to provide an expansive, non-specialist analysis of the subject in textbook form for students without a science background.

“Although many post-secondary institutions offer a non-majors course in the biology of sex, until now there has been no textbook that has tackled the subject for this kind of course,” said Mills, who is also associate dean of students in the Faculty of Science.

The book provides novel content from the human and non-human worlds, and uses intriguing comparisons among non-human organisms, such as species that cannibalize their partners during copulation, organisms that do not fall within one of two biological sexes and species that “trick” others into raising their young.

“The book takes a comparative approach to support the manner in which most versions of biology of sex courses are taught,” said Mills. “In addition, we know that a broad survey of sex across the natural world greatly enriches students’ understanding about nature and sex, and assists in underscoring both universalities and idiosyncrasies among organisms.”

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