Leave a message in Schulich time capsule, be part of York University history

Schulich School of Business

What message would you leave for students, staff and faculty of York University’s Schulich School of Business to read in 2068?

A time capsule created to honour Schulich’s recent 50-year anniversary milestone will include messages, thoughts and predictions, and will be sealed for the next 50 years.

The Schulich Time Capsule Project invites community members to be part of Schulich’s history. It will be sealed at the official opening of the new Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building in 2018, and opened in 2068.

Messages are welcome, and can be submitted here.

Here’s prompts that you might consider to get your message started include:

• What is your message to the student community in 2068?
• What do you think the Schulich School of Business will stand for in 2068?
• What will be the key issues facing the world in 2068?
• What will be a key business issue in Canada or globally in 2068?

Visit this website to see submissions that have already been included.

Submissions can also be sent by email, mail, fax or in-person to:

Ellinore Gomez, project coordinator, Annual Giving and Stewardship
Office: 416-736-5648, fax: 416-650-8071, email: egomez@schulich.yorku.ca
York University, Seymour Schulich Building, Lawrence Bloomberg Wing, W362N
4700 Keele St., Toronto, ON  M3J 1P3