International recruitment agents attend special event at York University

York University welcomed the largest group of international recruitment agents ever to visit the Keele Campus for the 2018 Agent Familiarization (FAM) Tour. The event, which is organized and hosted by the York University English Language Institute (YUELI), part of the School of Continuing Studies, strengthens the University’s internationalization efforts and forges lasting relationships with key agencies all over the world. It took place On April 25.

Members from the York University English Language Institute (YUELI), School of Continuing Studies, pose with international recruitment agents attending the FAM Tour 2018

The event attracted 44 agents from 31 agencies representing 16 countries, including Colombia, India, Iran, Vietnam, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Panama, Nigeria and Indonesia.

Isaac Garcia-Sitton, director, International Education and YUELI, speaks to visiting international agents at the FAM Tour welcome event

Isaac Garcia-Sitton, director, international education and YUELI, was at the event to speak to the agents. He kicked off a packed day of information sessions led by key members of the York University community and a walking tour of the Keele Campus. The day culminated with a networking reception at York Lions Stadium.

“YUELI, like Toronto and Canada as a whole, is very open to people of all backgrounds,” said Garcia-Sitton. “We pride ourselves on our diversity of cultures and, more importantly, of thought. This exchange of experiences and ideas are what enable Canadian society to progress, become and remain one of the most livable places in the world – and our institute is very much a microcosm of our country.”

Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, assistant vice-president, Continuing Studies, delivers a presentation to FAM Tour participants

This isn’t the first time YUELI has rolled out the red carpet for a FAM Tour event. FAM Tours, a key part of the ICEF North America Workshop series of flagship events, have proven to be a successful way to create meaningful connections with agents who will ultimately play an integral role in sending qualified, successful international students to York University. These relationships, said Garcia-Sitton, are critical in supporting a diverse international student body and are a key contribution YUELI continues to make to the York community. In its seventh year, the ICEF North American Workshop series has quickly emerged as Canada’s leading education networking event.

The agents explore the Keele campus during their walking tour

“The York University FAM Tour was one of the most enjoyable educational events that I have attended in the last couple of years,” said Nina Liu-C., owner of Blossom Education Services and one of the agents who attended the FAM event at York University. “It’s informative and it’s fun! Most of all, the programs at YUELI are highly specialized for all levels of learners.”

As our community of international students continues to grow and become more diverse, YUELI will continue to play a leading role in attracting students from around the world, creating a proven pathway for these students to continue their studies at York, said Garcia-Sitton.