York U student leaders participate in Peer Leader Training

The ninth annual Peer Leader Training (PLT), hosted by the Peer Leader Community of Practice (PLCoP), in collaboration with many offices, faculties, and departments across York University, was held April 26.

Student leaders prepare for their Peer Leadership Training. A capacity crowd attended the event.

This year’s conference, like last year’s event, provided participants the opportunity to select the sessions that best aligned with their interests and learning objectives. The 2018 PLT offered 13 sessions that advanced the experiential learning of more than 250 student leaders across campus.

From left: Urshian Khalid, coordinator of student success strategies, student  Margot Tanga-an, Catherine Salole, director of student success strategies

The organizers of PLT welcomed both staff and student leaders to present on different leadership tools. The keynote session was given by Brendan Schulz, executive director of Student Success. The session gave students “life homework,” by asking them to consider the complexities of communicating across perspectives, cultures and facets of diversity. “The importance of seeing things from a different perspective was so important for me as a student leader, but also just as a human in general,” said one student who attended the event.

An animated Brendan Schulz, executive director of student success at York University, speaks to student leaders

PLT offers a three-stream session structure that is unique. It offers students relevant content aligned to the level of experience they have in leadership roles. Core sessions were recommended for first time student leaders and advanced sessions were recommended for experienced student leaders, while specialized sessions were offered to student government leaders.

For more information about the PLCoP or to learn about how to get involved in student leadership initiatives at York University, contact Urshian Khalid at urshkhal@yorku.ca.