Letter to York University students regarding convocation and summer term

Vari Hall from the exterior
Vari Hall

The following message was issued by Interim Provost and Vice-President Academic Lisa Philipps:

As we are in the ninth week of the strike, we recognize that the uncertainty surrounding the completion of your term, the start of the summer term, graduation and Convocation has been stressful for you and your families. We are writing with important updates reflecting the current situation.

Course completion options

Many of you have already opted for the variety of course completion options available to you. This includes the Assessed Grade option as well as expanded options to apply Pass/Fail grading to courses.

Once the strike ends, there will be further options available to those who want or need to complete the remainder of their course material. We intend to provide a variety of flexible options for completing the term, including completing the remaining in-class weeks of courses. However, we know that many of you will be unable to attend rescheduled classes due to commitments including jobs, returning home, participating in exchanges or internships, and so on. You should feel free to embark on these activities. Following the end of the strike, a variety of learning options and changes to the kind, weight, and types of assignments will be forthcoming to enable those who wish to complete outstanding course work to do so.

Helpful resources for students

Helpful resources for graduate students

Course drops & financial aid options (Tuition credit opportunity & additional bursary support)

For those who prefer to drop courses, you would have received information about the extended options for dropping a course without receiving a grade as well as the tuition credit opportunity, which allows you to receive tuition credit for W18 and FW17-18 (full year) course(s) dropped on or after March 5, when you re-enroll in either SU18 or FW18-19. The tuition credit is applicable to international students at the international tuition rate and to domestic students at the domestic tuition rate. We have also communicated other financial relief such as additional bursary support (up to $1,500) for domestic and international students pursuing undergraduate courses in FW17-18 who have experienced extenuating financial circumstances during the disruption.

Helpful resources

Summer 2018 term

The Summer 2018 session start date has now been set for SU and S1. Summer courses for SU and S1 will begin on May 22.  We expect course offerings to be reduced as a result of the labour disruption. Further announcements will be forthcoming early next week regarding the Undergraduate Summer 2018 course offerings and Sessional Dates as well as information concerning your existing summer enrolments.

Exceptions can be found using the helpful resources linked below. Please refer to your Faculty websites for important dates information.

Helpful resources

Applying to graduate and Convocation

Students applying to graduate this spring are also asking about their eligibility and convocation. If you applied to graduate by the deadline, your record has been pre-audited to confirm completion or identify any outstanding degree requirements. Final grades will be added as they become available.

Between now and May 21, your Faculty Dean’s office will review your record to identify any outstanding requirements and consider additional measures that can facilitate completion so that you can graduate as expected.

While we are making every effort to assist students eligible to graduate and complete their degrees in time for the spring Convocation, students who complete requirements later in the summer will be invited to attend the fall Convocation ceremony held in October 2018. We anticipate holding spring Convocation during the weeks previously announced, between June 15 and June 23, with some potential minor adjustments to the ceremonies within that timeline.

We understand your frustration and stress with the strike and apologize for this disruption. It is certainly not the experience we hoped for you. We continue to try to resolve the situation and support you through this difficult time.