Prof. Mario DiPaolantonio awarded visiting professorship at Soka University

Mario DiPaolantonio
Mario DiPaolantonio
Professor Mario DiPaolantonio

York University Professor Mario DiPaolantonio, in the Faculty of Education, was awarded a four-month visiting professorship at Soka University in Tokyo, which he will take up in his 2018-19 sabbatical.

DiPaolantonio was selected for the highly competitive award out of a pool of applicants from 14 countries who are members of the International Network of Philosophers of Education (INPE).

During his tenure at Soka University, he will lead a weekly seminar on his research, present two public lectures and publish an article in the university’s journal. His award-winning research proposal explores how memorial museums devoted to teaching about past atrocities, such as the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – both of which he will visit as part of his research – make connections to ongoing injustices and present issues.

Drawing on ethical philosophy and innovative methodologies, his research explores the contested and varying manner in which education and memorial sites attempt to come to terms with historical wrongs.

DiPaolantonio is an international research associate with the Unit for Global Justice at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and at the Centro de Estudios en Pedagogías Contemporáneas and the Escuela de Humanidades at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.