Are you a rock star researcher?

The Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation is looking for academics and researchers with interesting, engaging and timely projects to show-off for a brand-new, night-time research festival involving all of Toronto’s universities.

Think TED Talks meets Nuit Blanche. This special event, on campus, in October 2018 from 6 pm to midnight (specific date to be determined), will explore and celebrate the innovations and cutting-edge thinking of Toronto’s academic institutions. It will be a chance for curious minds, young and old, regardless of educational or financial status, to learn about game-changing ideas that are revolutionizing the way we think, live and work.

This event will be unique to Toronto and possibly the world. It will celebrate the city’s brain power and build the profiles of the city and its institutions. The public become university students for a night, opening their minds to inspiring new ideas by leading thinkers and sharing in the excitement of Toronto’s global contributions.

If you’re interested, contact York University’s Associate Vice-President Research Rebecca Pillai Riddell, at, by April 24.