Message to the York University community: Respect and tolerance urged

Vari Hall at night

Lisa Philipps, interim provost and vice-president academic, issued the following message to the York University community:

York and other universities are spaces where differences must be expressed openly, honestly and without fear. We value diversity, including the diversity of thought, as an essential ingredient in a learning environment. We understand and respect those who may have different perspectives and, especially at this challenging time, we continue to urge all community members to do the same.

Please continue to allow extra travel time when coming to work or class at our campuses and be patient and tolerant with one another as you engage with other community members, including those on strike, our students who wish to continue studying, faculty who are teaching, guests and the thousands of employees who work at our campuses.

You may be aware that several individuals are currently staging a sit-in at York University’s Senate Chamber. We are aware that some of the individuals are students and our campus safety team is monitoring the situation. Safety is the top priority.

A respectful environment has no place for abusive language or bullying behaviour directed at anyone exercising their rights during the strike, whether they are continuing to teach or attend classes or electing not to do so. There is also no place for the disruption of classes or any other University activities. Anyone experiencing such behaviour and/or anyone who feels unsafe is urged to report the incident immediately.

Below are resources for your information:

Together, we can continue to ensure that York is a safe, welcoming environment and all community members strive to uphold our core values of respect, tolerance, diversity, equity and inclusion.