York University will participate in the new Innovation Superclusters initiative

Engineer hand using tablet, heavy automation robot arm machine in smart factory industrial with tablet real time monitoring system application. Industry 4th iot concept.

York University applauds the Government of Canada’s $950-million investment in the Innovation Superclusters Initiative, a commitment that will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the private sector.

The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, in which York University is proud to be a participant, is an exciting initiative that will help to substantially propel our region into a globally leading centre for advanced manufacturing, which is critical to the success of the Canadian economy. It will help manufacturers across Canada become world leaders in the application of advanced technologies and will help technology firms build the next generation of tools for advanced manufacturing. It will create a critical mass of innovation activity with a gravity powerful enough to attract talent, technology, investment and customers from around the world.

By advancing collaborative, industry-led projects and driving collaboration between technology and manufacturing sectors in areas including microelectronics technology, this Supercluster will contribute to leading-edge applied research and technology development for the benefit of all Canadians.

York to participate in the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

York University will play a role in the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, joining with more than 100 leading Canadian companies and other post-secondary partners to position Canadian manufacturers as global leaders in the application of next generation tools for advanced manufacturing.

An engineer uses a tablet to control a heavy automation robot arm in a smart factory

Specifically, York University is the academic lead for the microelectronic component of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, one chapter of the overall project.

This considerable initiative will see York University’s researchers become prominent contributors towards securing Canada’s leadership in the knowledge economy.

York University views this business-led initiative as an exciting opportunity to help grow our region’s economy by establishing Canada as a globally recognized hub for manufacturing and technology leadership.

York’s strengths in science, engineering, microelectronics and nanotechnology

  • York University is home to a rapidly growing research profile in science and engineering. York University’s engineering specialization in microelectronics and nanotechnology as well as its micro-fabrication and micro-fluidics laboratories for research and education dovetail, naturally, with the ambitions of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster initiative.
  • York University’s long-established commitment to impactful research in fundamental and applied science and engineering will allow us to reciprocate industry investment with innovative knowledge creation, fostering connectivity and collaboration.
  • By leveraging York University’s expertise in technology and information systems, along with operations management leadership through the Schulich School of Business, York University will help to empower and bolster Canadian leadership in the advanced manufacturing sector.