Important accounting deadlines for researchers

Featured image for the postdoc research story shows the word research in black type on a white background
Featured image for the postdoc research story shows the word research in black type on a white background

At this time Research Accounting is planning its process for financial reporting for the period ending March 31, 2018, for all CIHR, SSHRC, Canada Research Chair (CRC) and NSERC grants. (Other funding agencies may also have March 31, 2018 end dates.)

Key Dates to Remember

Research reports updated on eReports daily
Submit correcting upload journal entries to Research Accounting Tuesday, March 27
Submit supplier original invoices (including payment via cheque, EFT & wire) Tuesday, March 27
Submit Claims for Reimbursement (use Concur) Friday, March 16
2017-2018 grant installments added to cost centre by Monday, April 9
Researchers receive statement (Form 300) as of March 31, 2017 Friday, May 4
Researchers return signed statement (Form 300) to Research Accounting Friday, May 18


The Annual Statement of Account (Form 300) for grants will be sent to Researchers by Friday, May 4. As in the past, Researchers will be required to approve these statements and return them to Research Accounting by Friday, May 18 in order to meet the Tri-Council submission deadlines.

In order to ensure the annual gorm is correct, researchers and research administrators are required to do the following in February 2018:

  1. Access your cost centres by logging into eReports and review your transactions for accuracy, completeness and eligibility with agency rules. It is important that only transactions/expenditures related to your grant are processed to your cost centre. If you discover any transactions that do not relate to your research, please notify either your Administrator or Research Accounting.  Prepare any correcting upload journal entries and submit them to Research Accounting no later than Tuesday, March 27 in order to ensure they are processed in time for March month end.
  2. Clear outstanding personal advances by submitting a claim for reimbursement through CONCUR no later than Friday, March 16.
  3. Submit outstanding approved supplier invoices (originals) to Accounts Payable no later than Tuesday, March 27.
  4. Review all cost centres to ensure that all outstanding commitments for purchase orders (P.O.) are updated. A purchase order is cleared by making payment. If you have a yellow copy of the P.O. and you are satisfied with receipt of goods, sign this document and forward the related invoice to Accounts Payable for payment.  If you wish to cancel a purchase order, contact John Pastorcic at extension 22248.
  5. Review all cost centres to ensure that all outstanding salary commitments terminate on or before the expiry date of your grant(s).
  6. Ensure you resolve any over expenditures by making appropriate transfers/journal entries. 

Note that expenses incurred outside of the period specified in your Grant Agreement are normally not eligible.

If your grant or contract ends on or before March 31, 2018 it is important to determine whether you have funds remaining and whether you wish to spend those funds on eligible expenditures, before the grant ends. Note all salary, advances and P.O. commitments must be cleared before the end date of grant as required for reporting to Tri-Council.

Once the final cut off for processing accounts payable invoices, travel and expense claims and payroll have passed, we cannot guarantee inclusion of those expenses in financial statements we prepare for grants and contracts ending March 31, 2018.

A final schedule for March month end will be released in a few weeks by Financial Reporting.

Grant Installments for the 2018/2019 Year

If applicable, grant installments for continuing grants for the 2018/2019 will appear in your cost centre by Monday, April 9, 2018.

If applicable to your particular grant, you are required to renew your Ethics Certificate on an annual basis.  Contact Alison Collins –Senior Manager & Policy Advisor, Research Ethics at extension 55914.

New Research Awards

Once Research Accounting receives notices of award for new research grants, an accountability document will be sent to Researchers for signature. Upon its return and upon approval by Ethics, a new cost centre will be created and you will be notified via email.

Narrative/Progress reports

Where applicable, and to ensure prompt receipt of current and future funding installments, send all progress, technical reports and other deliverables to the funding agency on time and as specified in your funding agreements.

Institutional Advances

If an installment is due to a sub grantee institution it will be processed once Research Accounting receives a form 300 (financial statement) from the sub grantee institution.

General Research Fund (NSERC and SSHRC only)

Some grants can be extended beyond the official end date of the grant, provided at least 50 per cent of the funds of the entire grant have been expended. In the event that more than 50 per cent of the funds remain unspent at the official end date of the grant, the grant will not be eligible for an extension and the remaining funds must be return to the funding agency. Requests to extend grants beyond the official end date must be directed to Research Accounting.

If you have any questions with respect to the above information, contact your Research Administrator (see list below) or feel free to call Angela Zeno at ext. 55668 or by email to See below a list of other Finance contacts.

Your effort in ensuring a successful Tri Council reporting year end is greatly appreciated.

York University – Key Contacts – Post Award Administration

Faculty Name Title Phone # Email
School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design Diana Nuredini Executive Officer 33238
Faculty of  Education Andrea Torre

Breanne Whitwell

Tara Somaroo


Executive Officer

Research Officer

Budget Assistant





Faculty of Environmental Studies Pl Elliott

Rhoda Reyes

Excutive Officer

Research Officer



Glendon Patrick Banville

Veronique Ng

Reagan Brown

Executive Officer

Budget Officer

Research Officer





Faculty of Health Mary Verrilli

Melesa Beharry

Patricia Gagliardi-Ursua

Executive Officer

Research Officer

Post-Award Administrator




Lassonde School of Engineering Eva Najemnikova

Lan Zhang

Financial Officer

Financial Coordinator



Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Jennifer Ankrett

Lisa Rumiel

Rodolfo Arata

Kay Li

Janet Friskney

Nadya Bloom

Pat Ellis

Helen Papacharalambous

Executive Director

Research Manager

Financial Officer

Research Officer

Research Officer

Research Officer

Research Administrator

Research Administrator









Faculty of Science Helen McLellan

Wendy Booth

Neha Singla

Jin Min Mao

Executive Officer

Senior Financial Officer

Research Administrator

Research Administrator





Schulich School of Business Magda Szaki

Joanne Pereira

Franca Giovannoni

Executive Officer

Research Officer

Financial and Expense Compliance Assistant




Osgoode Hall Law School Phyllis Lepore Babcock

Laurie Cormack

Nadia Azizi

Executive Officer

Research Officer

Graduate & Research Financial Assistant





Other Resources

Research Accounting Angela Zeno Manager, Research Accounting 55668
Sophia Mitchell Hutson Assistant Manager 33457


Nellie Vengeroff Supervisor, Grants Administration 33481
Karen Chu Accounts Administrator-  NSERC, OCE 55697


Madalina Dumitrascu Accounts Administrator-CFI, IOF, ISR, Foundations 33239



Xing (Stella) Dong

Accounts Administrator- Provincial, Municipal, IDRC 20611
Shirley Zhang Accounts Administrator-Foreign, Federal, MITACS, CSA 33480
Alissa Ng Accounts Administrator-CIHR, SSHRC 33404


Marta Feret Accounting Clerk 33262
General Accounting (Accounts Payable and Travel Claims) Maria Angiers

Paula Perri

Section Head

Manager, General Accounting



Procurement Services Jan Oliver

Carolyn Fasick

Assistant Director

Procurement Specialist



Payroll Rhiannon Tatham Manager, Payroll & Records 77540