Student’s response to exhibit wins him $100 YU card

YU card
mustafa paiz
Mustafa Paiz

Mustafa Paiz, a third-year student studying law and society at York University, won a $100 YU card for submitting his thoughts on “Pessoa Unveiled/Pessoa Desdobrado/Pessoa Dépliée”, an exhibition that ran on campus at Scott Library.

The exhibit featured the work of Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), a multifaceted poet and thinker from Portugal.

From early November to early January, Scott Library hosted the exhibition at the Art Walk, second floor leading to the Collaboratory. The exhibit was organized by the Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies program, which set up a QR code where students could access information to submit a concise and spontaneous reaction to the exhibition and enter to win a prize.

The program received numerous contributions from students and Mustafa’s contribution was selected as the most fitting of the criteria.

“Pessoa Unveiled/Pessoa Desdobrado/Pessoa Dépliée” was curated by Ibérina Raquel Vilhena. This exhibition was a joint initiative between the Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies program, York University’s Scott Library, the Walnut Contemporary Gallery and Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I. P., through the coordination of Portuguese Language Teaching in Canada.

The author of a vast body of work, Pessoa and his multiple heteronyms continue to captivate readers and critics worldwide. Pessoa’s influence in Portuguese culture is widespread and diverse. This exhibition featured Pessoa as leitmotif and inspiration in the art scene, namely in the works of several Portuguese illustrators.

For more information on the exhibit, contact Ibérina Raquel Vilhena, director and curator of Walnut Contemporary Gallery.

Visit the Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies website for more information on the program at York U.