Changes to AVP International and Vice-Provost Students areas will better serve students

Students walk through the Accolade corridor
Students walk through the Accolade corridor

York University Interim Vice-President Academic and Provost Lisa Philipps issues the following announcement:

As part of ongoing efforts to advance York’s student-centred approach, I am pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2018, responsibility for student services and supports for international students and domestic students participating in international activities will transition from the Office of Associate Vice-President International (AVPI) to the Office of the Vice-Provost Students.

Aligning services for international students with the Office of the Vice-Provost Students, which is responsible for collaborative student-facing functions university-wide, will support the delivery of clear, coordinated and effective services, advice and supports for all students. It will promote a collaborative environment for information sharing and planning for initiatives such as student recruitment, orientation and student success; enable the staff of York International to respond to the needs of a growing international student population; and enhance international mobility opportunities for all York students.

The AVPI will continue to report to the Provost and Vice-President Academic, and work collaboratively with that office as well as the Office of Vice President Research & Innovation, on the development of an institutional Global Engagement Strategy including international partnerships, student exchanges, summer institutes, faculty exchanges, and international travel.

Because of this change, staff in York International responsible for student-facing services will report to the Vice-Provost Students. There will be no change in staff or in the location of York International, which has provided a welcoming environment and expert advice for international students for many years.  To support coordination across the two portfolios, Helen Balderama, associate director, International Partnerships and Programs in York International, will report jointly to the AVPI and the Vice-Provost Students.

I am very grateful to Vice Provost Students Lucy Fromowitz and AVP International Marilyn Lambert-Drache and colleagues in their offices for their collaboration and facilitation in the planning and implementation of this important change. Professor Lambert-Drache will be completing her term as AVPI in June 2018; and we will shortly announce plans for a search for her successor.