Outstanding students celebrated for top academic achievement

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) recognized students for their outstanding academic performance with the 2017 Dean’s Awards for Academic Excellence.

Top students gather for a group cameo after the awards ceremony, which was held in The Underground on the Keele campus

One domestic student and one international student in each of the four years of undergraduate study received an Award for Academic Excellence for attaining the highest GPA in that year. More than 50 students received Honourable Mention awards for their exceptionally high grades among the Faculty’s vast student population.

“The achievements of these students are truly astonishing,” said Peter Avery, associate dean of students, who was on hand at the November awards ceremony to congratulate winners. “Many of them have jobs, family commitments and volunteer their time, and yet still excel in their courses. They provide inspiration to all of our students, and are an example of dedication to success.”

The faculty has more 20,000 students, which makes competition intense, and the awards more momentous.

“Every honourable mention, every award represents an incredible achievement,” said Narda Razack, associate dean of global & community engagement. “We recognize our international students separately since they face additional challenges, and their commitment to excellence in education warrants celebration.”

Recipients in each year and by each category are listed below. More photos of the celebration can be viewed online.

Award for Academic Excellence

  • First Year — Raluca Isofache, Political Science
  • Second Year — Zackary Goldford, Law & Society
  • Third Year — Margarita Grup, Law & Society and Political Science
  • Fourth Year — Hetash Singh, Law & Society

International Student Award for Academic Excellence

  • First Year — Yuqi Dong, Commerce (Accounting)
  • Second Year — Peijun Liang, Commerce (Finance)
  • Third Year — Thuy Doan, Commerce
  • Fourth Year — BingXin Zhang, Financial & Business Economics

Honourable Mention 

First Year
  • Matthew Abar
  • Chloe Hinds
  • Iqra Khan
  • Helen Lam
  • Celia Lewin
  • Alyssa Nemi
  • Sajila Nudrat
  • Carlo Panaro
  • Jaismond Sin
Second Year
  • Renae Appadurai
  • Carly Downs
  • Robert Gibbs
  • Avreen Kochhar
  • Jennifer Lai
  • Brittany Smeikle
Third Year
  • Marette Abdelmaseh
  • Melissa Ayisi
  • Antonnia Blake
  • Alexia Daly
  • Rohina Hashimi
  • Muna Hussein
  • Jenna Mitchell
  • Michelle Mogilner
  • Kathryn Virgin
Fourth Year
  • Mishall Ahmed
  • January Burbage
  • Julie Dao
  • Laura Foster
  • Anish Kamboj
  • Marina Kudrow
  • Tanika McLeod
  • Janice Philteos
  • Patrick Schembri
  • Jason Silverberg
  • Nilufer Walimohamed

International Student Honourable Mention

First Year 
  • Zhuldyz Alimbek
  • Mehnaz Hossain
Second Year
  • Aibakyt Baekova
  • Xingying Chen
  • Maevia Griffiths
  • Lin Han
  • Dorde Radosavljevic
  • Yumin Sun
  • Yitong Wang
Third Year
  • Yaqing Chang
  • Hanlin Feng
  • Jane Fox
  • Yadi Luo
  • Rawan Mostafa
  • Ekampreet Singh
Fourth Year
  • Wardah Behzad
  • Hongjiang Ji
  • Nan Shang
  • Yingyan Xu