Glendon undergrad wins trip to Canadian Conference on Student Leadership

Jigar Ganatra, a second-year communications student at York University’s Glendon College, has been invited to attend the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership in Vancouver to meet and share ideas with other student leaders.

Jigar Ganatra

Ganatra aspires to be a filmmaker, and has already earned the 2017 World Nomads Travel Film Scholarship following the release of his film Kiwi the Untold Story, which aims to generate awareness about refugee issues. An activist at heart, Ganatra’s goal is to increase visibility and give a voice to those whose stories are neglected in mainstream media.

In Vancouver, Ganatra looks forward to building relationships with motivated, like-minded individuals. As an international student, he hopes to use this experience to expand his network beyond Glendon College and into all of Canada in order to collaborate on future projects.

The Canadian Conference on Student Leadership aims to bring together postsecondary students from across Canada and the world to share their experiences, ideas and skills. It is an opportunity for student leaders of today to motivate and inspire one another while moving toward their leadership goals.

Glendon Student Affairs hosted a contest with the aim of enabling one student to attend the conference. The sponsorship, from the Office of the Principal, will grant Ganatra the opportunity to participate in this event.