Entrepreneurship Development Association provides platform to connect York student body

Students from different Faculties and schools at York University had the opportunity to network during an event hosted by the Entrepreneurship Development Association (EDA) on Oct. 25.

More than 50 students attended the EDA event “Life Cycle of a Product” to hear from York University’s entrepreneurship program LaunchYU and Chris Atkinson, CEO of Fleet Rover, a data logistics company that provides intelligence support.

Those in attendance heard about the various resources and workshops that LaunchYU offers to support youth entrepreneurs and foster new startup ventures.

More than 50 students attended the EDA event “Life Cycle of a Product”

Atkinson, a product strategist and co-founder of Fleet Rover, outlined the life cycle of a business idea from conception to product development and commercialization. Student attendees were not only exposed to the intricacies of implementing a business idea, but also had a chance to apply the product life cycle theory in practice. During an interactive workshop, students were split into different groups and were asked to work on developing a product idea and pitch it to the audience and business partners for feedback.

All student attendees actively participated in this learning opportunity, collaborated with team members to pitch a comprehensive product idea and received expert feedback from our business partners.

“I am so thankful to all the York University students who came out to support EDA’s vision of empowering current and future entrepreneurs on campus,” said EDA President Shahzeb Suhail. “I’m glad to say the event was a great success thanks to the EDA executive team.”

The event concluded with informal networking among student attendees and business partners.

EDA is a professional, student-run non-profit organization that comprises a diversified executive team from various departments within York University. EDA’s objective of empowering young entrepreneurs with practical tools has cultivated a supportive environment of students, academic scholars and entrepreneurs that continues to grow and carries huge potential for effecting positive change.

EDA provides a platform to connect the diverse student body at York with the plethora of on-campus resources designed specifically to assist students with business ideas and connect them with business incubators, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

EDA’s goal is to nurture student entrepreneurship and educate interested students about the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset to thrive in a global economy.