Project Benchmark launches Phase 2 with a Service Effectiveness Survey

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To better understand York University’s current distribution of services and activities in support of teaching and research, and the University’s academic mission, Project Benchmark is launching Phase 2 of its data collection process.

Over the next few weeks, full-time faculty and CPM staff at York University will be invited to participate in a Service Effectiveness Survey.

This survey will ask staff and faculty questions related to eight core service areas to identify which services are most important to their role at York, and whether those services are effective.

The Service Effectiveness Survey will take a closer look at satisfaction levels gathered from both service providers and end users. Data from the survey will help the University make informed decisions about how to continue to improve service delivery at York.

To ensure confidentiality, the survey is being conducted by a third party. Those invited to take the survey will receive an email invitation from the executive sponsors (administered by the third party) on Monday, Nov. 6.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and share their feedback.

For questions about the survey or to highlight any technical issues, contact Denise Mirabelli, program director, by email at

Information about the survey can be found on the Project Benchmark page on yu link.