On Wednesday, TTC to hold emergency exercise in the York University Station

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, from approximately 6am to noon, the TTC will conduct an emergency exercise at the future York University Station in advance of the opening of the Line 1 extension on Dec. 17.

Wednesday’s exercise will involve more than 600 people and include the use of stage smoke and lights to simulate an incident in the subway tunnel, allowing participating agencies, including Toronto Police, Fire and Paramedic Services as well as York University, to practice evacuation, transportation, communications and co-ordination. The simulation will include the evacuation and transportation of “victims” of a mock incident in stage makeup to a mock hospital on the grounds of York University.

During this exercise, there will be road closures and diversions in the area of the station and Harry W. Arthurs Commons.

This is the first of two exercises that will allow the TTC, first responders and community partners to test emergency preparedness on the new extension, which runs north from Sheppard West (formerly Downsview) Station to the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station in York Region.

This emergency simulation exercise will impact transportation on and off campus.

  • Buses will be on diversion. TTC and GO Transit buses will let passengers off on York Blvd.
  • WheelTrans and VanGo buses will pickup and drop off passengers outside Vari Hall at their regular stops.
  • The York University Shuttlestop will be temporarily moved to the Fine Arts Road.
  • The area immediately around the York University Station will be closed for the duration of the exercise.

All classes, tests and exams will proceed as per normal, as will other regular campus programming.

Above: A map of the area affected by the TTC simulation


For more information or if you have questions regarding this initiative, contact Kathy Branton, manager, Emergency Preparedness Program, Community Safety Department, by email to brantonk@yorku.ca.