First-year health students score big at Destination Graduation event

York University staff and students from the School of Kinesiology and Health Science

The School of Kinesiology and Health Science, in York University’s Faculty of Health, welcomed more than 670 new first-year students to an orientation event called Destination Graduation.

2017 Destination Graduation - Kinesiology & Health Science

Held on Sept. 13, the orientation event focused on building a sense of community within the entry class, and was a tremendous success as students were welcomed by Angelo Belcastro, chair of Kinesiology and Health Science; Michael Connor, undergraduate program director; and Jennifer Myers, director of Athletics and Recreation.

Small groups of new students were welcomed by upper-year student leaders, professors and staff. Students participated in welcome activities and games designed to mimic a mini-Olympics. The energy was high, the atmosphere was fun and students enjoyed connecting with each other, with student leaders and with faculty members who served as referees, score keepers, judges etc.

The feature of the event was the KINE Olympics during which new students participated in cooperative events that were modifications of the javelin, discus, marathon, long jump and shot put. The Olympics were officiated by the first-year professors from KINE 1000 – Professors Hernan Humana, Yuka Nakamura and Parissa Safai; and KINE 1020 – Professors Jennifer Kuk and Michael Riddell. Professor Merv Mosher served as the games announcer and Belcastro was the scorer. Winning team members received free Fitness Centre memberships.

More than 40 volunteers, including Kinesiology and Health Science students, full-time/contract faculty members, practicum instructors, alumni and staff, participated in the execution of an outstanding event.