Five York U professors elected to Royal Society of Canada

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The achievements of five York University professors have been recognized by the Royal Society of Canada, which elected these five into its ranks as Fellows on Sept. 7.

“York is delighted to see that five Professors – Russell Belk, Richard C. Hoffmann, Lesley A. Jacobs, Marcel Martel and David McNab – have been recognized by the Royal Society of Canada, as Fellows,” said Robert Haché, vice-president research & innovation. “This reflects the high regard in which York University’s academics and researchers, and York research, are held.”

The Royal Society of Canada Division of Humanities

Richard C. Hoffmann

Historian Richard C. Hoffmann, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS), is the rare scholar who established a new subfield in his discipline. Through his internationally-renowned, prize-winning and pioneering scholarship, his mentoring of emerging scholars, and his networking and organizational activities, he has built the environmental history of premodern Europe. His collaboration with Austrian aquatic ecologists had an impact on public policy regarding the protection and management of indigenous fish species in a number of European countries.

David McNab

David McNab, Department of Equity Studies, LA&PS, is a renowned Métis historian and a leading authority in Canada’s movement to Reconciliation. His significant and innovative research on Indigenous Treaties, land, and resource issues in Canada is facilitating substantial return of land and resources or fair value compensation to indigenous people by governments. A prodigiously prolific scholar, his acclaimed scholarly publications and technical reports promote First Nations’ and Métis’ stories in Canada’s narratives.

The Royal Society of Canada Division des Lettres et Sciences Humaines

Marcel Martel

Marcel Martel, LA&PS, is a renowned historian whose research on collective memory, identity formation and French Canada has redefined the traditional boundaries of these fields. He is the recipient of numerous awards, and holds the prestigious Avie Bennett Historica Canada chair in Canadian history at York University. Martel publishes original scholarship in both French and English and his research is widely recognized for both its quality and impact on public policy.

The Royal Society of Canada Division of Social Sciences

Russell Belk

Russell Belk, Schulich School of Business, is a world leader for his work on the extended self, the meanings of possessions, collecting, gift-giving, sharing, consumer desire, and materialism. In addition to more than 600 articles, books, and videos, he has received a number of international awards and honorary professorships on several continents. He helped found the field of Consumer Culture Theory, the Consumer Behavior Odyssey, and the Association for Consumer Research Film Festival.

Lesley A. Jacobs, LA&PS, is Professor of political science and law and society at York University

Lesley Jacobs

and Director of the Institute for Social Research. He is an internationally recognized expert on human rights, equality of opportunity, and empirical studies of access to justice. His work has significantly impacted human rights policy and anti-racism law in Canada. His current research focuses on race-related data collection and meaningful access to civil justice.

For more information, visit the Royal Society of Canada announcement.