YU-CARE speaker explores working conditions within Australian aged care

Professor Sara Charlesworth, deputy head of the School of Research & Innovation at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, will deliver the first lecture of the 2017-2018 YU-CARE Critical Engagements in Aging Speaker Series on Tuesday, Sept. 5, from 2 to 3:30pm, in Room 519, Kaneff Tower, Keele campus. All are welcome.

Sara Charlesworth

Charlesworth’s presentation, “Improving Job quality in Australian Aged Care: Challenges and Dilemmas” focuses on working conditions within Australian home-based and institutional aged care. It draws on a three-year collaborative action research project with three large aged care providers and the main national aged care union. The partnership underpinned the development of small-scale work practice interventions aimed at both improving worker job quality and care quality. The collaborative and research informed process provided both a conduit for worker perspectives to be incorporated into the design and evaluation of specific work practice changes, while also highlighting significant challenges in achieving better work job quality.

Charlesworth originally trained as a social worker before working as a researcher both within industry and government.  She is a professor and the deputy Head of School, Research & Innovation in the School of Management at RMIT University. Charlesworth is an executive member of the Centre for People, Organisation & Work in the College of Business. She has published and presented widely in a wide range of academic, policy and community fora and has been involved in a number of key gender equality policy reviews and debates. Charlesworth was an advisor to the Australian Human Rights Commission on their 2012 National Sexual Harassment Prevalence Survey and their 2014 Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review.

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