York’s 2016 Statistical Employment Equity Report is now available online

The 2016 Employment Equity Statistical Report for York University is now available online, and is posted at hr.info.yorku.ca.

The report highlights a statistical summary of the representation of the four designated groups – Women, Visible Minorities (Racialized), Aboriginal (Indigenous) Peoples and Persons with Disabilities – and also speaks to anticipated diversity- and inclusion-related initiatives for 2017 and beyond.

Examples of diversity-related initiatives include:

  • collection and analysis of LGBTQ2 employment equity data for all groups to have an enhanced picture of York’s demographics; and
  • strengthening outreach to local diverse community organizations to increase the number of diverse applications to York’s job postings.

“Diversity is not successful without inclusion,” says Annette Boodram, diversity and inclusion consultant. “The University continues to explore ways to ensure inclusion is addressed.”

If you haven’t yet completed a self-identification survey, or if your responses have changed (for example, a disability has emerged since you last filled out the survey), we encourage you to take one minute to complete this survey by contacting Annette Boodram.

Questions relating to employment equity or this report can be directed to Annette Boodram, diversity and inclusion consultant, at equity@yorku.ca or ext. 20848.