Prestigious York-Massey honours awarded to three York University professors

In June, 2017, York University’s Lily Cho was awarded a York-Massey Fellowship 2017-2018. Professors Karen Krasny and David McNally, also at York, were awarded York-Massey Visiting Scholarships 2017-2018.

“We are very pleased that Lily Cho, David McNally and Karen Krasny were awarded these honours,” says Robert Haché, Vice-President Research & Innovation. “The York-Massey Fellowships and Visiting Scholarships represent an important opportunity for York researchers and academics to expand their areas of scholarship and contribution to their various disciplines in a broader context  ̶  the rich and stimulating community at Massey College,” he adds.

“We are delighted to once again welcome three superb academics from York University to the Massey community. Our Junior Fellows, all graduate students from different disciplines, will get an opportunity to learn about their research through informal conversations or invitations to participate in some of the college events,” says Amela Marin, Dean, Fellowships, Programs & Liaisons, Massey College. “It is the unique role of Massey College to be a meeting place of bright minds from different generations, disciplines, universities and countries,” she adds.

All three awards are part of an on-going agreement between York and the University of Toronto, with which Massey College is affiliated.  The agreement was renewed last year.

Massey College. Photo credit: Tina Park
Massey College. Photo credit: Tina Park

Massey College is an independent college situated in the University of Toronto campus. It consists of Junior Fellows, made up of graduate students; Senior Fellows, consisting primarily of faculty; Journalism Fellows; members of the Quadrangle Society –  leaders in  business, the legal profession and philanthropy; as well as Visiting Scholars and Alumni, of whom an increasing number come from York.  The college offers an extraordinary experience by providing a community that allows all members to expand their horizons academically, socially and culturally.

The York-Massey Fellowship and York-Massey Visiting Scholarships were open to full-time faculty members planning to go on sabbatical or other leave during 2017-2018. The Fellowship will provide the selected faculty member with prime office space in the College for the academic year and the status of a full Senior Resident of the College, with all privileges enjoyed by Senior Fellows. The title “York Fellow of Massey College” remains for life or while mutually agreeable.

The Visiting Scholars will have a study space in the College and access to all the same privileges as the Massey College Senior Fellows. Membership in the Massey Alumni Association is granted to Visiting Scholars at the completion of their program.

Professor Naomi Adelson, 2016/17 York-Massey Fellow, described her experience: “I found my year as York-Massey Fellow to be exceptionally stimulating and a wonderfully enriching intellectual environment. I have no doubt that this year’s Fellow and Visiting Scholars will have an equally positive experience given all that Massey College and its community has to offer.”

Lily Cho, Department of English, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Lily Cho
Lily Cho

Professor Lily Cho’s research focuses on diaspora within the fields of cultural studies, postcolonial literature and theory, and Asian North American and Canadian literature. She explores the relationship between citizenship, photography and anticipation. For this Scholarship, she will work on two things:

First, the Family Camera Network, a research partnership that explores the relationship between family photography and the idea of family (Principal Investigator is Prof. Thy Phu, Western University).

Second, and related to the Family Camera Network, she will present a paper at a major international conference on family photography: “Reframing Family Photography” will be hosted by the Munk School of Global Affairs in September 2017.

Cho believes there is a growing recognition of the scholarly potential and cultural importance of family photography and this conference is beautifully poised to significantly shape the direction of the conversation on this exciting area of cultural scholarship.

Karen Krasny, Faculty of Education

Karen Krasny
Karen Krasny

As a Visiting Scholar to Massey College, Professor Karen Krasny, is engaged in a special project dedicated to the advancement of book history titled The autonomy of the child reader: The impact of 18th and 19th century developments in illustration and typography that makes use of the collections in Massey College’s Robertson Davies Library and Toronto Public Libraries’ Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books.

Her investigation explores a range of printing technologies leading up to the golden age of children’s book illustration dating from the mid-19th century to early 20th century to make reading an engaging and independent enterprise for children.

David McNally, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

David McNally
David McNally

As Visiting Scholar to Massey College, David McNally will pursue several research projects. The major one involves the completion of a book project entitled, Blood and Money: on the Bonds of Modern Power. This is an interdisciplinary exploration based in political economy, social history, philosophy and literary studies.

McNally will also continue to work on two articles related to social reproduction theory, an innovative approach within feminist and critical political economy. He will also develop a research grant application meant to explore the meanings of modernity in distinctive ‘Old’ and ‘New’ world contexts, where issues of colonialism and racialization loom large.

By Megan Mueller, manager, research communications, Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation,