York University will co-host International Renewable Energy Academy, June 19 to 23

The International Renewable Energy Academy (IREA), a new and independent experiential learning academy that was created at York University with assistance of the Academic Innovation Fund (AIF), will run June 19-23.

York will co-host the event with Oxford County.

IREA will bring together world-class experts, practitioners and future leaders in renewable energy to advance the adoption of 100 per cent renewable energy (RE) solutions that are good for the Earth and local communities.

IREA is an active participant of a global movement to achieve 100 per cent RE, as well as the renewable cities movement. IREA members and partners believe that 100 per cent RE is only possible when local communities are 100 per cent involved. They also believe that experiential learning is a key form of community involvement.

The approach for the four-day academy is to combine e-learning, with IREA partners retscreen.net and www.solarenergy.org, with experiential learning opportunities that are provided with partners at Oxford County, Ontario’s first community to commit to achieving 100 per cent RE.

The goal is to make IREA into the best destination in the world for those interested in growing the renewable energy sector to its full potential. For more information on IREA, visit www.yorku.ca/irea.