Mindfulness Meditation returns in May for spring program

(Image: Wikimedia Commons/Charles Rondeau)

Two meditation programs will be offered on campus this spring to help foster a mindful approach to dealing with stress and cultivating creative attentiveness.

The York University Psychology Clinic will offer the programs beginning May 9.

If you are looking for an activity that will help keep your brain healthy, come out to one of the groups to learn about the practice of meditation.

To register for any of the following meditation programs, visit the York University Psychology Clinic website for each program’s registration form.

Advanced technologies, including those enhancing communication, co-exist with an epidemic of sleeplessness and physical and mental distress. How and why can we travel to foreign lands with the touch of a finger, or the click of mouse, and still not have a lifestyle with consistent, sound sleep? Why do we greet the ideas of happiness and peace with sarcasm, skepticism and helplessness?

Into the mix of a current society threatened by meaningless warfare and frequent terrorism,
comes the rediscovery of science-based, secular mindfulness. The rediscovery is associated with an educational crisis, where it seems that to achieve, we must make our bodies and minds unhappy? Science indicates the opposite – that mindfulness can help us feel good while achieving (doing good) and serving those we love and care for with patience,
sensitivity and compassion.

In eight weeks, we focus on practices for making peace with yourself, as we make peace in our world. The course has weekly progressing content based in three traditions – cognitive behavioural therapy, neurophysiological science and the Buddhist tradition from which mindfulness emerged and has remained thematic for 26 centuries.

Two group times will be offered.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
• Tuesdays beginning May 9, from 5:30 to 7pm in YUPC 102 BSB


A Noon Hour of Mindfulness Training
• Wednesdays beginning May 10, from noon to 1pm in YUPC 102 BSB

For participants with extended health coverage for psychological services, the fee for either group should be reimbursable for students in YFS health plan fee reimbursable by session with a note from your family doctor and some bursaries are available for students with financial need.

Contact the clinic at yupc@yorku.ca for more.