Testing of the LCD screens to take place May 4

LCD Screen
LCD Screen in Bergeron Building

As part of York University’s ongoing commitment to effective emergency notifications systems, new software has been installed on each of the LCD screens across the Keele campus and the Glendon campus residences.

In order to ensure that the new software operates as expected, it is necessary to conduct testing of the messages that will appear on the screens during an actual emergency.

Therefore, testing of LCD screens and emergency messaging will take place on Thursday, May 4, commencing at 7pm. The duration of the testing is unknown but is expected to take place well to the morning hours of Friday, May 5.

Prior to commencing testing, a message will appear on the screens reminding the community that testing is about to start. During testing, various emergency messages will appear on the screens including fire, evacuation, shelter in place, weather emergencies and custom or ad hoc messages as well.

In the event of an actual emergency, testing will immediately stop and the appropriate emergency message displayed. Valid emergency messages will begin with the phrase This is not a test. Emergency messages will also be communicated through the PA system, where available.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Kathy Branton, manager, Community Safety Department, Office of Emergency Preparedness, at 416 206-1010 or at brantonk@yorku.ca.