Osgoode PhD student shortlisted to be a judge in Colombia

Natalia Angel Cabo

Osgoode PhD student Natalia Angel Cabo who is from Colombia has been put on the short list to be a judge of the Constitutional Court in Colombia.

The Constitutional Court in Colombia is the country’s highest court. It is also the leading court in Latin America on constitutional issues and it is cited internationally all the time.

Cabo, who is in the sixth year of her PhD studies under the supervision of Osgoode Professor Bruce Ryder, has been the recipient of the Arthur Brunskill and Harry Arthurs graduate awards.

She also won the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Doctoral Research Award Competition 2013 for her project studying the effects of a new governance approach to the enforcement of social and economic rights through an empirical study of the outcomes of two landmark rulings of the Colombian Constitutional Court: the health-care case (T-760/08) and the garbage pickers’ case (T- 291/09).