Campus-wide steam and hot water interruption, April 29

Vari Hall
Vari Hall
In order to accommodate the installation of a new boiler in the Central Utilities Building, staff in Campus Services & Business Operations (CSBO) require two steam outages in April and May. The outages are required to complete the preparation of piping systems to allow for the installation of the new boiler.

CSBO is planning the first steam outage on Saturday, April 29. Steam and hot water systems will be affected by the outage. That means there will be no hot water or heat will be available to a number of Keele campus buildings between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

Every effort will be made to keep the interruption in heat and hot water as short as is possible.

The following buildings will be affected by the steam outage and will not have any domestic hot water during the shutdown:

Tatham Hall
Vanier Residence
Winters Residence
Calumet Residence
Pond Road Residence
Passy Garden Apartments
#340 Assiniboine Road
Atkinson Residence

As well, laboratory sterilization equipment will have no steam supply during the shutdown. Domestic cold water will not be affected by the outage.

For more information, contact Roger Payne, assistant chief Engineer at ext. 55437 or by email to,  or Shawn Payne,  chief engineer at ext. 55623 or by email to