Glendon Global Debate looks at CETA’s impact on the EU and Canada


The third instalment of the Glendon Global Debates series, which aims to examine Canada’s role in global affairs, is scheduled for March 23.

“A New Framework for International Trade or the Last of its Kind?” takes place at the Centre of Excellence from 6:30 to 9pm, and will review the Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada.

CETA was signed in October 2016, and on Jan. 24, 2017, the deal moved closer to reality after the European Parliament’s Trade Committee approved it. On Feb. 15, the European Parliament adopted the trade deal, which will lead to the provisional application of the agreement as early as April 2017.

The agreement is seen as a test of the EU and Canada’s ability to forge future trade accords and as a counterweight to anticipated protectionism under the new U.S. administration. CETA is more than a free trade agreement between the EU and Canada – it is about shaping the political, economic, social and cultural values that our countries share and it is also about deepening transatlantic partnership.

Speakers from the EU and Canada will discuss some of these issues and will touch on the following:

• the political impact of CETA and the future of the EU/Canada partnership;
• engaging with the world through free trade agreements;
• boosting the economies of the EU and Canada; and
• challenges to CETA moving forward.

Speakers for this event include: Nicolas Chapuis, ambassador of France in Canada; Angella MacEwan, senior economist at the Canadian Labour Congress; István Mikola, minister of state for Security Policy and International Cooperation, Hungary; Candace Sider, vice-president, Regulatory Affairs, North America, Livingston International; and Jakob Von Weizsäcker, member of the European Parliament for Thuringia, Germany.

The event’s moderator will be Derek DeCloet, executive editor of the Globe and Mail and editor of Report on Business.

This Glendon Global Debate is presented by Glendon’s School of Public & International Affairs.

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About Glendon Global Debates

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As a bilingual and francophone institution in the heart of Toronto, Glendon is uniquely positioned to support the Government of Canada in a forward-looking assessment of the nation’s role in global affairs. The Glendon Global Debates will enhance the public debate on Canada’s role in global affairs and prepare the next generation of highly skilled public servants. As well, the events in the series will provide a forum for frank conversations about Canada’s role in the world through a series of discussions relying on youth-centred, innovative approaches to contemporary global issues.

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