A new anthology “Apparatus” launches March 1 at the York U Bookstore

Apparatus Book Cover
Apparatus Book Cover

Apparatus Book CoverThe founders of Crossroads, a literary festival that debuted Jan. 27, in collaboration with Inspiritus Press and the York University Bookstore, are hosting a book launch for Apparatus, a new volume of poetry, prose and photography. The event will take place March 1 at 3:30pm in the York University Bookstore on the Keele campus. It is free and open to the public, all are welcome.

The book, Apparatus, is an anthology of experimental prose, poetry and photography featuring work by York students, alumni and Prof. B.W. Powe. In Apparatus, the contributors consider the body as the sole mediator between man and universe – the moment between birth and death. Sometimes, there may be unity, love, transcendence and liberation. Other times, separation, lunacy, limitation, atrophy, violence.

In this collection of visionary, experimental poetry, prose and photography, the physical body and its relationships are celebrated, examined, distorted, degraded, dissected and exposed.

Gritty and grotesque, surreal and transcendental, the curated selections are from 15 acclaimed and established authors, emerging student writers, local Torontonians or Literary Fiction Network contributors. Featured are works by B.W. Powe, Takatsu, Evan J. Hoskins, N.J. Greenfield, Aaron Capelli, Daven Sharma, Thomas Arthur Farrell, Sierra Marilyn Riley, Skyler Clarke, C.J. Garrett, Deniz Sonkan, Colette Thomas, Nikita Shorikov, Aaron L. Sheng, and Mae Claudette Costan.

Published by the student-run Inspiritus Press, the event is part of a series dedicated to creating a literary centre at York University that organizers hope will connect students to the thriving CanLit scene.

It’s well worth a visit to the York University Bookstore to see the next generation of rising stars present their inspired work.

Contributors will read selected passages from Apparatus and copies of this inaugural collection will be available at the bookstore.

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The Latin word, Inspiritus, means “breathe” and contains the word for “spirit”: together, to breathe in and be filled with the spirit, which is what it means to be alive. It is also the root for the word inspiration and in the creative sense, to be filled with the Muses, to be filled with the gods or God. In the word is also the philosophy of community, “In Spirit, Us.”

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