It’s Carpool Week, now is the time to find a carpool partner

It’s Carpool Week! Now is the perfect time to find some carpool partners and see how much you can save.

Those interested in starting their carpool journey can find a carpool match using the Smart Commute tool. Here’s how:

  1. Login to your existing account or register for a new account at:
  2. Join the workplace network to find fellow carpoolers travelling to the same destination.
  3. Share your A to B. Set your origin (A) and destination (B) and the tool will display other users who have similar trips.
  4. Save this trip as a ‘favourite’ so that others can ride-match with you. You can modify and add multiple trips to increase your chance of finding a carpool partner.

For more detailed instructions on how to use the Smart Commute tool, see the how-to-videos.

Looking to find out more about carpooling? Check out the tips and information on the Smart Commute website, including details of the Emergency Ride Home program that offers you a way home in case of an emergency.