The Centre for Human Rights becomes the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion

York University President and Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri has issued the following message to the York community:

I am pleased to announce that the Centre for Human Rights has been renamed the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion. This renaming reflects an expanded mandate that will see the centre take a more active role in leading the enhancement of inclusivity in learning and working environments at York. This change was announced on Jan. 27 at the centre’s annual Inclusion Day Conference, Canada & Human Rights @150 years.

Since its establishment in 2005 to provide a coordinated approach to addressing and resolving issues related to human rights and equity at York, the centre has contributed significantly to the University’s vision of and commitment to social justice and accessible education. The centre has played a critical role in building a respectful, equitable, diverse and inclusive culture and community at York, offering expertise, insight and understanding to advancing, promoting and upholding human rights in accordance with provincial human rights legislation and the University’s policies.

The centre’s new name reflects an expansion of its strategic purpose. Over the coming months, I look forward to seeing the continued evolution of the centre through the championing of new initiatives and programs and the facilitation of new opportunities for community-wide consultation and collaboration. I would like to thank Executive Director Michael F. Charles for his leadership in steering the centre through this important change.

To align with its expanded mandate, the centre’s vision has been updated: To promote and build a respectful, equitable, diverse and inclusive university community that upholds human rights, facilitates equitable access to opportunities, and champions diversity and inclusion as a strategic objective.

With the support of senior academic and administrative leadership, the centre will continue its efforts to drive progressive change and develop new understandings, solutions and discoveries that will have an impact on our university community and beyond.

For more information, visit the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion website.