Prof. Shayna Rosenbaum named York Research Chair

Shayna Rosenbaum
Shayna Rosenbaum

Professor Shayna Rosenbaum, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health, was appointed Tier 2 York Research Chair in December, joining six other emerging and established researchers from across the University appointed earlier in 2016.

Shayna Rosenbaum
Shayna Rosenbaum

The appointments were designed to build, support and intensify the world-renowned research underway at the University.

“A Tier 2 York Research Chair in cognitive neuroscience of memory, Professor Shayna Rosenbaum is the first York Research Chair associated with York’s successful Canada First Research Excellence Fund proposal, Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA),” said Robert Haché, York’s vice-president research and innovation. “She is a recognized global expert on memory – both spatial memory (the layout of environments) and episodic memory (recalling personal events) – who studies healthy older adults and amnesic patients, and looks at how memory contributes to other abilities, such as imagining the future and considering other people’s mental states.

“Her work reflects the excellence in research and scholarship undertaken at York University. Professor Rosenbaum was also recently awarded the INS Award for Early Career Research for her contribution to research in the area of brain-behaviour relationships,” he adds.

Combining the study of brain-damaged patients with brain imaging and innovative cognitive tests Rosenbaum has shown how different forms of memory are represented in the brain and how they contribute to other functions from decision making to social interaction. She is harnessing this knowledge to develop strategies to help healthy older adults and patients overcome memory loss.

Researchers announced earlier in 2016 as York Research Chairs include: Tier 1 Chairs – Natel Bergeron, Faculty of Science; Ellen Bialystok, Faculty of Health; Chun Peng, Faculty of Science; Stepan Wood, Osgoode Hall Law School; Tier 2 Chairs – Jimmy Huang, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS); Amro Zayed, Faculty of Science.

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About the York Research Chair program

The York Research Chair program serves as an internal twin for the Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program. The level of support and recognition provided to York Research Chairs is aligned with supports and recognition provided through the CRC program.

York Research Chairs are available at two levels analogous to CRC chairs. Tier I York Research Chairs are open to established research leaders at the rank of Full Professor. Tier II York Research Chairs are aimed at emerging research leaders within 15 years of their first academic appointment at the rank of Associate or Assistant Professor. Both have five-year terms that are renewable in the context of open-competition based on peer review and the continuing availability of resources.

For more information, contact Mark Roseman, director, Strategic and Institutional Research Initiatives, at ext. 22507.