Glendon Global Debates series returns with eye on U.S. presidency

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Glendon Global Debates

The second instalment of the Glendon Global Debates series will explore the global impact of the U.S. elections and presidency. The debates will take place at the Centre of Excellence on Jan. 26 from 6:30 to 9pm.

The debate is titled “U.S. Election and The New Trump Administration.”

glendon-global-debateThe new U.S. president will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 and the implications will be felt immediately throughout the globe. Donald Trump has already stated he will do politics differently. He has signalled major policy shift on globalization, international trade, immigration, security, border management, NATO, the UN and multilateralism, just to mention a few.

Throughout the election campaign, the media played a role – good or bad. Youth participation both during the primaries and the election campaign was remarkable, along with the active social media.

At the Glendon Global Debates, the experts will discuss some of these issues and will also touch on the following:

  • the U.S. elections and the global impact – Middle East in particular;
  • the short-/long-term implications on Canada/U.S. relations, trade, security etc.;
  • the role of the media/social media – good, bad, indifferent; and
  • youth participation and youth voices during and after the election campaign.

Speakers at this event include Joan Ablett, consultant with Ablett Communications; Juan Alsace, U.S. Consul General in Toronto; Miloud Chennoufi, chair of the Department of Security and International Affairs, Canadian Forces College (Toronto) and BMO Visiting Fellow, GSPIA; and Ron Pruessen, professor, Department of History, University of Toronto.

The moderator for this debate is Annie Demirjian, director, School of Public & International Affairs, Glendon.

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About Glendon Global Debates

Glendon’s School of Public & International Affairs (GSPIA) will examine Canada’s role in global affairs and establish leadership in areas of global affairs through a series of events billed as the Glendon Global Debates (GGD).

The GGD dialogues aim to promote participatory dialogue between government officials (federal, provincial, municipal), academics, practitioners, media, the private sector, civil society organizations, students, the diplomatic community and UN officials in support of identifying approaches and opportunities for Canada and our partners in current global challenges.

As a bilingual and francophone institution in the heart of Toronto, Glendon is uniquely positioned to support the Government of Canada in a forward-looking assessment of the nation’s role in global affairs. The Glendon Global Debates will enhance the public debate on Canada’s role in global affairs and prepare the next generation of highly skilled public servants. As well, the events in the series will provide a forum for frank conversations about Canada’s role in the world through a series of discussions relying on youth-centred, innovative approaches to contemporary global issues.

These dialogues and related contributions will be shared with broader policy communities, including the Government of Canada, international organizations and the UN, and they will be incorporated into the future academic programming of Glendon.

The events will serve to validate the ongoing foreign policy consultations and formulate recommendations for a way forward.