York prof to lead new journal focused on complex systems

Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
York professor to head new journal
Professor Hassan Qudrat-Ullah

Professor Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, School of Administrative Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, has been appointed editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Complexity in Applied Science and Technologies (IJCAST) a new journal focused on the study of complex systems, a new approach to science and technology that explores how collective behaviours of a system are functions of ties between parts and how the system interacts and forms relationships with its environment.

IJCAST meets the need for a forum to disseminate information on such complex systems and complexity science. It emphasizes the design, development and applications of dynamic models, including systems dynamics and agent-based approaches. IJCAST also presents “solutions” to complex managerial problems across domains.

Qudrat-Ullah specializes in systems thinking and system dynamics; logistics and supply chain management; energy policy; climate change, health care management; simulation-based teaching and learning environments.

He is a professor of decision sciences and has more than 20 years of teaching, research, industry, and consulting experience in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Norway, UK, Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Colombia, Switzerland, Spain, Algeria, and UAE. Over the last 10 years, he has produced more than 70 refereed publications including books such as Complex Decision Making: Theory and Practice, Energy Policy Modeling in 21st Century, Better Decision Making in Complex, Dynamic Tasks, and The Physics of Stocks and Flows of Energy Systems.

He serves on the boards of two other international journals.

Qudrat-Ullah has also recently been appointed as the director of the Board of the Swiss Federation of Private Business Schools located in Cham, Switzerland.