VP Academic announces Canada150@York projects

Vice-President Academic and Provost Rhonda Lenton announces the results of a call for applications for funding of Canada 150 @ York projects:  

Dear colleagues:

Earlier this year, President Shoukri and I issued a call for applications for funding for projects to contribute to the celebration here at York of Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. The call invited faculty, staff and students to submit proposals for innovative projects – conferences, workshops, symposia, installations, cultural events, and so on – that would explore Canada’s past and look to its future, while highlighting York University and Canada 150 themes relating to the environment, diversity and inclusivity, Indigenous people, and youth.

I am delighted to report that a large number of outstanding applications for funding were received, and funding totaling over $400,000 has now been awarded to the following individuals (faculty, staff and students) in support of their projects:

  • Patrick Alcedo: Choreographing Filipino-Canadian Identities
  • Stacy Allison-Cassin: Music and Belonging in Canada at 150: A Wikipedia Campaign
  • Solange Belluz: French Language Olympic Games
  • Stacey Bliss and Josefina Rueter: Visions and Collaborations: First Annual York University Graduate Student Research Conference in the Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Ines Buchli: Citizen 150
  • Colin Coates: The Confederation Debates
  • Andrea Davis: The Evolving Meanings of Blackness in Canada
  • Leesa Fawcett and Anna Zalik: Ocean Frontiers: An Interdisciplinary Workshop and Public Event
  • Ian Garrett: Climate Change Theatre Action
  • Alana Gerecke and Laura Levin: “Moving Crip and Mad” Workshop
  • Jodie Glean and Lorne Foster: Race Inclusion and Supportive Environments @ 150
  • Eve Haque and Amar Wahab: Teaching Against Islamaphobia
  • Sarah Howe and Nilay Goyal: Innovate TO150
  • Donald Ipperciel and Francis Garon: Canada’s Constitutional Challenges After 150 Years: The Next Phase
  • Adrienne Johnson and Anna Zalik: Conference: The Past, Present and Future of Canada and the Global Extractives Complex
  • Eva Karpinski: Lives Outside the Lines: Gender and Genre in the Americas – A Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar
  • Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston: Imagining Canada’s Futures with Romani Refugees
  • Sean Kheraj: What Did Confederation Accomplish? Historical Perspectives on 150 Years of Canada
  • David Koffman: No Better Home for the Jews…than Canada
  • Jacqueline Krikorian: Translation of Two-Volume Edited Collection of Scholarship on Confederation for 150th Anniversary
  • Christopher Lortie: Open Science Canada Podcast Series
  • Christopher Lortie and Sapna Sharma: Environmental Data Synthesis Week
  • Anne MacLennan: Connecting Canada
  • Marcel Martel: OHFA “Ontario 150” Provincial Fair
  • Philip Monk and Emelie Chhangur: Migrating the Margins: Uploading the Toronto of Tomorrow
  • Shani Ocquaye and Tristan Davis: Know Your Worth: A Youth Empowerment Conference; and The 5th Annual Lincoln Alexander Award Ceremony
  • Debra Pepler: Mobilizing Youth to Create a Caring and Respectful Canada: Hear Our Voices
  • Rebecca Pillai Riddell and Jock Phippen: Celebrating Canada’s 150: Science on Ice – Transdisciplinary Scientific Perspectives on the North
  • Maggie Quirt and Tania Das Gupta: And Social Justice for All: Indigenous Youth, Indigenous Voices – Spring 2016 Symposium
  • Julie Rahmer and Marc Wilchesky: Career Success Symposium for Students with Disabilities
  • Leslie Sanders and Philip Kelly: Unity in Diversity: Fusion of Communities in Canada
  • Tom Scott and Kalina Grewal: Communicating at an Interdisciplinary Level
  • Marlis Schweitzer: Interdisciplinary Workshop: “Over There: how we went to war in Europe”
  • Lorne Sossin and Jamil Jivani: Creating Opportunities Summit
  • Noel Sturgeon: Ahead by a Century and a Half: Envisioning Just Transformations in a Changing Climate
  • Danielle Thibodeau: Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS)
  • Brandon Vickerd: Going Public: New Ways of Thinking about Public Art Symposium
  • Sue Winton: Life in the University: Past, Present and Future – Faculty of Education Event Series in Recognition of Canada 150
  • Jenny Wustenberg, Daphne Winland, Michael Nijhawan, and Duygu Gul Kaya: Workshop: Unsettling Canada at 150: Memory Discourses in Transnational Contexts
  • Xueqing Xu and Jessica Tsui-Yan Li: Retrospect and Prospect: Symposium on Chinese Canadian Literature and Media

Colleagues are invited to contact the project leads for more information about their initiatives, and a fuller description of projects will be posted on the Provost’s website.

We look forward to the celebration of Canada’s Sesquicentennial next year and encourage all members of the York community to participate in these funded events and the many others that will be mounted to mark this significant milestone in Canada’s history.

Rhonda Lenton
Vice-President Academic & Provost