Prof. Christopher Perry to serve as Director Academic for the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

York University professor Christopher Perry, of the School of Kinesiology & Health Science in the Faculty of Health, has been nominated by exercise physiologists across Canada to serve as a Director Academic for the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

Christopher Perry
Christopher Perry

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology is Canada’s major authority in exercise science and prescription that is focused on integrating state of the art research into best practice. It is comprised of professionals interested and involved in the scientific study of exercise physiology, exercise biochemistry, fitness and health.

In this regard, the Director Academic works with the Board of Directors to represent the needs and visions of researchers and exercise/fitness professionals across Canada who are committed to advancing the study and promotion of exercise, fitness and health.

“At CSEP, we are working on a number of initiatives that will strengthen and unite exercise physiologist researchers and practitioners across Canada,” Perry said.

He also noted a number of initiatives are currently underway with CSEP, such as increasing recognition of exercise and health research with major Canadian funding organizations.

“Exercise is known to be one of the best ways to prevent and treat many diseases and conditions. A major goal of CSEP is to bring this message to funding agencies so that exercise science and promotion becomes a priority for this country. The ultimate goal of CSEP is to help Canadians become more physically active,” said Perry.

Perry encourages students and the public alike to learn about the recommended guidelines for physical activity available at the CSEP website.