REC invites York Community to discuss race equity in the academy

Malinda Smith
Malinda Smith

The Race Equity Caucus (REC), representing racialized faculty at York University, will welcome esteemed critical race scholar Malinda Smith from the University of Alberta for a public talk entitled “Toward an Anti-Racist University: Racial (In)Equity, Intersectionality, and the Social Injustice of Sameness”.

The forum will take place from 2:30 to 4:30pm in Founders Assembly Hall, Room 152 on Nov. 18.

Smith will share findings from a research project that examines racial inequities faced by Indigenous peoples and racialized faculty in the academy.

Deploying a critical race and intersectional feminist analysis, this presentation explores three areas: first, drawing on original data, shows how equity and diversity have become diversifying whiteness projects that ignore structural barriers and unconscious biases that exclude Indigenous peoples and racialized minorities; second, the dividing practices that simultaneously privilege and marginalize specific equity groups, thereby leading to the production of inequity among equity-seeking groups; and third, speaking to the often unspeakable roles played by mobbing, micro-aggressions, and hostile workplaces on the lives of Indigenous and racialized scholars and scholarship.

Smith will conclude the presentation with ideas for engendering an anti-racist university.

REC, which represents racialized full-time faculty at York University, aims to engage in critical discussions and develop meaningful approaches to advancing race equity for racialized faculty in the areas of teaching, research and administrative service. This event marks the 40th anniversary of the York University Faculty Association (YUFA).

YUFA and REC invite all faculty, students, staff and community members to participate in this critical discussion about equity at York.

For more on the event, contact REC co-chairs, Harjeet Badwall and Sean Kheraj at  or