York profs collaborate on international conference

Eight York University faculty members are involved with an international conference that will bring together theorists, experimentalists and technologists from different disciplines to explore the past, present and future of the Toronto School of Communication.

The event, titled “The Toronto School: Then | Now | Next,” runs Oct. 13 to 16 in Toronto and features more than 100 speakers, as well as 32 panels and six social events.

Call for PapersThe event is organized in collaboration with several partners, including York University. Faculty involved with the event include:

  • Honorary committee: Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, LA&PS
  • Program committee: Kevin Dowler, LA&PS; Daniel Drache, LA&PS; Anne MacLennan, LA&PS; Janine Marchessault, AMPD; Gabrielle Slowey, LA&PS
  • Scheduled speakers: Janine Marchessault, AMPD; Bruce W. Powe, LA&PS

The conference will explore the “then,” “now,” and “next” of the Toronto School of Communication, and will reflect on its pioneers, its champions and also its critics.

For more information, download the program at goo.gl/Z5Uc5R; to register, visit goo.gl/QKQdir.