York University faculty member delivers “Ledge Talk” in the Northwest Territories

Professor Peter Constantinou speaking at the NWT government
Peter Constantinou
Peter Constantinou

Professor Peter Constantinou, a faculty member in the School of Public Policy and Administration in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, was invited by the Legislature and the Legislative Library of the Government of the Northwest Territories to provide a public lecture on political acuity and leadership.

The lecture, which took place earlier this summer, follows on the election of a new government last fall for the territories, a consensus style government that does not include political parties. Constantinou was invited to deliver the talk because his research into defining this core competency and developing curriculum and training modules was of interest to legislators and civil servants in the Northwest Territories.
“The challenges governments face are significant, and if we are going to get governments to perform at optimal levels we are going to have to get both elected and non-elected players to better understand each other and respect best practices in system design,” said Constantinou. “Training in this area helps to demystify roles, reduce conflict and get both parts of government working together toward common goals.”
Constantinou’s research has informed the development of curriculum for the Ontario Government and municipalities across the GTA.