Passings: Student had hopes of becoming a lawyer

Mary Saleh
Mary Saleh

Mary Ann Saleh had hopes of one day becoming a lawyer. She will be remembered for her passion for helping people and her love of animals.

The York University student, who was working to complete her BA (Honours) in philosophy, died suddenly on July 8. She was 32.

Mary grew up in Richmond Hill, Ont., and enrolled in York University’s Philosophy program after studying for a year in Montreal. She graduated with a BA in 2010, and had recently returned to campus to finish the fourth year of that program and earn her Honours degree.

She had hopes, said her mother Mariam, of pursuing further studies and attending law school.

“She was always trying to help people,” Mariam said of her daughter. “She had a strong personality and was a sweetheart. She had to win in any discussion, and that’s why I said she’s going to be a good lawyer.”

Outside of studies, Mary spent time with her animals – three dogs and a parrot – and enjoyed travelling, playing bass guitar and listening to music.

“Mary is in a better place, even though we can’t see her,” said her father Wagdy. “Mary, we know you’re smiling down on us saying everything’s OK and  you’ll see us again someday.”

The flag on the Keele campus will fly at half-mast in her honour on Thursday, July 28 from sunrise to 1pm.