Presidential Search Committee Chair offers a message of thanks to the University community

Rick Waugh, chair of the Presidential Search Committee, sends the following message to the University community: 

Rick Waugh

Rick Waugh

As Chair of the Presidential Search Committee, I would like to thank community members for your thoughtful input to the search process.  Some of you attended our meetings, while others graciously invited us to attend your meetings; still others wrote directly to us. All perspectives, whether provided in person or in writing, have been recorded in a document that exceeds 100 pages. Anonymity has been preserved throughout this process, unless the individual or group has specifically requested attribution.

The committee members faithfully listened to, read, and discussed all perspectives that were offered by members of the York University community, and this has provided vital context for developing the recruitment advertising and the position profile. Public advertising commenced on Wednesday, July 13. We will continue to consider your perspectives as we move forward with the work of identifying the next President and Vice-Chancellor. We are indebted to the many members of the University community who have taken the time to share their views with us. On behalf of the Presidential Search Committee, please accept our thanks for the perspectives you have provided, and our gratitude for your thoughtful contribution to the search process.

Rick Waugh,
Chair, Presidential Search Committee