University faculty, staff and students urged to make changes to reduce air conditioning load

Due to the extreme temperatures this summer, the air conditioning equipment at the Central Utilities building is operating at maximum capacity.

In an effort to reduce the air conditioning load on operating equipment at the Central Utilities building, Campus Services and Business Operations requests that the following actions be taken by Keele campus staff and students:

  • Ensure all exit doors and loading dock doors remained closed when not in use.
  • Ensure all exterior windows remain closed in air conditioned spaces.
  • Close window blinds on west and north facing building walls.
  • Set room temperatures to 24 degree Celsius.
  • Turn off lights in unoccupied spaces.
  • Take any other energy saving measures that may apply.

Your assistance and cooperation during this time is appreciated and will go a long towards saving energy and costs and improving sustainability For further information, contact Shawn Payne, chief engineer, Energy Management, at or by telephone at 416-736-2100, ext. 55623.