Disruption to the pedestrian walkway between the Kaneff Tower and York Lanes, July 15 to Sept. 1

There will be some disruption to the pedestrian walkway between the Kaneff Tower and York Lanes, as a result of the construction activities related to the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE). Beginning at 6am on Friday, July 15 and continuing until Thursday, Sept. 1, a portion of the pedestrian sidewalk will be closed between the east end of York Lanes and the Kaneff Tower. Pedestrian access will be maintained by use of a temporary path from the south side of the Kaneff Tower to the east end of York Lanes during the week.

On weekends the temporary path will also be closed. Pedestrians are asked to use Vanier Lane and inside York Lanes to detour during the weekend closures.

The inbound and outbound TTC and GO Transit routes and bus stops remain the same.

Construction work includes hoe-ramming, landscaping and paving. Noise and vibration is to be expected during these operations. Hoe-ramming work will take place July 16 and 17. Additional hoe-ramming activities may occur intermittently after July 17, but only outside of normal office hours.

For more information and to view a graphic of the site, visit the TYSSE website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nicole Arsenault, manager, Transportation Services at narsenau@yorku.ca or 416-736-5866.