York Lanes: Shoppers Drug Mart new store job fair July 5

On Tuesday, July 5, Shoppers Drug Mart will hold a Job Fair in Room 519, Kaneff Tower on Keele Campus for their new store opening in August 2016 in York Lanes.

The job fair is open to anyone, and will run from 11am to 3pm. Interviews will be conducted on a first-come first-served basis and there will be multiple interviewers on hand to keep the flow moving.

Shoppers Drug Mart will offer thousands of items to the York community at the centre of the Keele Campus.

“We are excited to be the second of only two on-campus Shoppers Drug Mart stores and excited to bring health, beauty and convenience to the York campus,” said Shoppers Drug Mart. “With more than 1,250 locally owned and operated stores from coast to coast, the Shoppers Drug Mart network is more than a great place to shop, it’s a great place to work and we look forward to providing opportunities for employment to the students at the university.”

Shoppers Drug Mart has recently posted the following seven positions:

Assistant manager: https://www.hrapply.com/shoppers/AppJobView.jsp?link=1071897&page=AppJobList.jsp&op=reset

Cash manager: https://www.hrapply.com/shoppers/AppJobView.jsp?link=1071901&page=AppJobList.jsp&op=reset

Cashier: https://www.hrapply.com/shoppers/AppJobView.jsp?link=1071904&page=AppJobList.jsp&op=reset

Merchandiser: https://www.hrapply.com/shoppers/AppJobView.jsp?link=1071905&page=AppJobList.jsp&op=reset

Receiver: https://www.hrapply.com/shoppers/AppJobView.jsp?link=1071907&page=AppJobList.jsp&op=reset

Pharmacy assistant: https://www.hrapply.com/shoppers/AppJobView.jsp?link=1071908&page=AppJobList.jsp&op=reset