Schulich prof wins award five years on

Charlene Zietsma
Charlene Zietsma

Five years ago Associate Professor and Ann Brown Chair of Organization Studies, Charlene Zietsma, published her paper “Institutional Work in the Transformation of an Organizational Field: The Interplay of Boundary Work and Practice Work” with co-author Thomas B. Lawrence in the journal Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ).

Little did she know, half a decade later, their work would win the ASQ Scholarly Contribution Award for making the most substantial scholarly contribution to the field of organization studies.

“It is a dream,” Zietsma said. “The research extends my doctoral dissertation. We worked very hard on the paper through a long and difficult review process so to see it has made a significant impact is extremely rewarding.”

Zietsma and Lawrence’s paper was an analysis of the conflict over harvesting practices and decision authority in the British Columbia coastal forest.

“Our paper took a multi-level, multi-actor perspective to examine a conflict over the need for sustainable forest practices. We developed a process model of boundary and practice struggles which eventually led to a more sustainable forest industry,” Zietsma said.