York professor receives CAIMS-Fields Industrial Mathematics Prize

York University’s Huaxiong Huang, professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science, is the recipient of the Industrial Mathematics Prize from the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (CAIMS) and Fields Institute. The prize is awarded to a scientist in recognition of exceptional research in the field.

Huaxiong Huang
Huaxiong Huang

Industrial mathematics involves taking problems directly from industry and using mathematical models to find cost-effective solutions. It is also a source of new mathematics, models and solution techniques.

Huang has an impressive research record in the area, with more than 75 papers published. His work has real-world impacts on a broad range of industrial sectors, such as banking, insurance, biomedicine, energy, and material science.

Huang has also been a vital figure in developing industrial mathematics as a research discipline in Canada. He was the inaugural industrial coordinator at the Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences, where he played a critical role in the early years of the Industrial Problem-Solving Workshops and was involved in the Graduate Industrial Mathematical Modelling Camps. He is currently the Associate Director for Industrial Liaison and the incoming Deputy Director at the Fields Institute.

“I am very pleased to see Huaxiong’s work on industrial mathematics being recognized,” says Juris Steprāns, chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. “Along with his own research, he has helped countless graduate students and young researchers get started in industrial mathematics through the problem workshops he organized.”

As the recipient of the prize, Huang will deliver a lecture at the CAIMS Annual Meeting in June 2016.