Professor Roxanne Mykitiuk participates in international VOICES project

Roxanne Mykitiuk
Roxanne Mykitiuk

Professor Roxanne Mykituk, director of Osgoode’s Disability Law Intensive Program, has been selected to participate in an international research project that will take place over the next two years.

She leaves this month (April 2016) for the Centre for Disability Law and Policy, Institute for Lifecourse and Society in Galway, Ireland for the first meeting.

The Voices of Individuals: Collectively Exploring Self-Determination (VOICES) project aims to change the law in relation to the right to legal capacity for people with disabilities.

The project will take a radical approach to legal capacity law reform by using the stories of those with lived experience of disability and pairing them with legal or social sciences scholars to develop grounded recommendations for reform, Mykitiuk said.

“The pairs will work together to write a narrative based on that person’s lived experience and a critical legal, policy or social response to that experience,” she said. “This method of research places the focus on the stories, and experiences of people with disabilities and not on existing legal writing written by non-disabled scholars.”

On completion of the project, a selection of the stories and responses will be published in a book.